We believe abortion is ultimately a spiritual battle to be won in the heavenly realm through unceasing prayer..We believe we must obey God’s command to us to rescue those being led away to slaughter. (Proverbs 24:11) We believe sacrifices of time, energy, attitudes, and finances must be made for God to work through us to end this slaughter of the unborn. We recognize that women are also victims of the abortion industry and we understand her need for and we emphasize post-abortion healing. We will continue to mourn for our aborted children as well as their mothers and families who are left hurting, grieving and confused, until the killing ends. 

Here you see the best result for ANY pregnancy, whether she is the birth mother or had adopted this baby at some point.

Ashtabula County Friends For Life, trusting in our Almighty God and relying on His inspiration and power to guide and bless our efforts, seeks to end abortion in Ashtabula County through, first and foremost,  prayer and further,  through education   and activism. 

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