Every 30 Seconds,

A Baby Dies From Abortion 

Current United States Data*

Total number of abortions in the U.S. 1973-2013: 56.5 million+

219 abortions per 1,000 live births (according to the Centers for Disease Control)

Abortions per year: 1.058 million

Abortions per day: 2,899

Abortions per hour: 120

1 abortion every 30 seconds

Every Body Part Is Present Prior to the Earliest Abortions

By 21 days, the heart is pumping blood. Arms and legs bud at 28 days. Brain is existent by 30 days. By 35 days, mouth, ears and nose are taking shape.

Brainwaves can be recorded and heartbeat detected at 40 days. By 42 days the skeleton is formed, the brain is controlling the movement of muscles and organs and the unborn reflexively responds to stimuli. This all takes place before the earliest surgical abortions are performed.

Vast Majority Of AmericansOppose US Abortion Laws

78% of the nation would ban 97% of all abortions performed in this country. The Boston Globe, 31 March 1989 77% of Americans believe abortion takes a human life. Only 11% of Americans have an accurate understanding that abortion is available throughout all nine months of pregnancy. “Abortion and Moral Beliefs: A Survey of American Opinion,” by the Gallup Organization, commissioned by Americans United for Life, Washington, DC, 1991, 9, 10, 13.

Child Abuse And Abortion Rates Have Followed Strikingly Similar Paths

One argument used in favor of abortion is that its legalization actually helps to reduce child abuse. It is argued that “unwanted” children are more likely to be the objects of abuse. If these children are aborted now, abuse and neglect will be reduced later. 

Looking at the available data since abortion was legalized in the U.S., child abuse has not decreased but substantially increased. Furthermore, there may also be evidence that abortion on demand actually contributes to the increase of child abuse.

Quoted from:   https://www.abort73.com/abortion/child_abuse/

Abortion Is Causing A Population Decline Causing Economic Concerns

Since 1972 the average in America has been 1.8 children, 1 below the 2.1 needed for zero population growth. Any increases in population since 1972 has been due to immigration. 1. Willke, Abortion Questions, 158 By 1980 there were 6.5 million fewer school age children than just a decade earlier. This required the closing of 9,000 elementary schools. Newsweek, 30 March 1981, cited by Willke, Abortion Questions, 159

Terminology Verifies Human Life

is used of any living creature at an early stage of development. Fetus is a Latin word meaning “offspring,” “young one,” or “little child.”

Illegal Abortions Did Not Cause Thousands of Maternal Deaths

In 1972, the year before the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide, only 39 women died from abortion related complications. In 1977, after abortion was legal for five years, 21 women died. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Centers for Disease Control Dr. Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League), admits his group lied about the number of women who died from illegal abortion when testifying before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1972: “We spoke of ‘5,000 to 10,000 deaths a year.’ I confess that I knew the figures were totally false…” In 1960, Planned Parenthood stated that “90% of all illegal abortions are presently done by physicians,” 1 by “reputable physicians in good standing in their local medical associations.” 1. Mary Calderone, “Illegal Abortion as a Public Health Problem,” American Journal of Health 50 (July 1960): 949 2. Alfred Kinsey, cited by John Willke, Abortion Questions and Answers (Cincinnati, Ohio: Hayes Publishing Co., 1988), 169.

Pre Born Are Patients In Fetal Surgeries

Over 100 open surgeries for spina bifida have been performed on unborn children since 1995. During fetal surgery, the mother’s body is surgically opened and the uterus is extracted and opened for a pediatric neurosurgeon to work on the unborn child. “The Tiniest Patient,” p. 2, Focus on the Family magazine, January 2001. Side note: The fetal surgeon, Dr. Joseph Bruner, featured in the photo also aborts pre born children. 

Overpopulation Is a Myth

The entire world population of 5.4 billion people, standing several feet apart, would cover an area of less than 800 square miles—the size of Jacksonville, Florida. Marilyn vos Savant, “The World,” Reader’s Digest,February 1992, 91. Every global inhabitant could be placed in one gigantic city within the borders of Texas, with a smaller population density than many cities around the world. Robert Evangelisto, The Moral and Logical Arguments against Abortion (Stafford, Va.: American Life League, n.d.), 1.

The Pre Born Child Can Feel Pain

Pioneer fetologist Albert Liley, of the University of Auckland, says that by the 56th day after conception, the baby’s spinal reflexes are sufficiently developed to feel pain.

Willke, Abortion Questions, 68.

Planned Parenthood Is A Big Abortion Business

Every day Planned Parenthood (PP) kills 540 babies, totaling 197,100 in 2000, but referred for only 2,495 adoptions. For every one adoption referral, they aborted 79 babies. According to their 2000 annual report, they took in a record $69 million by performing abortions.

During 1999, gifts from corporations, foundations and others added up to $160 million.

In the past 15 years, PP has raked in nearly $2.2 billion tax dollars. Even though they enjoy a non-profit tax status, they posted a profit of over $125 million in 1999.

PP’s president, Gloria Feldt, receives a salary of $324,217 a year (that’s averaging $6,235 per week!)

Nearly Half of Post-Abortive Women May Be SufferingEmotional Trauma as a Result

“The incidence of serious, permanent psychiatric aftermath [of abortion] is variously reported as between 9% and 59%.” (117,000-767,000 women per year.) emphasis added Reardon, Aborted Women, Westchester, Ill.: Crossway Books, 1987, 1191% of women who abort are “so severely scarred by post-abortion trauma that they become unable to function normally.” (1% of women totals 13,000 per year and over 250,000 women since abortion was legalized.) emphasis added John Leo, “Moral Complexity of Choice,” U.S. News and World Report, 11 December 1989, 64.

Abortion Is a Big Money-Maker

Abortionists Are Not Obligated to Inform Women

Abortion is the only surgery for which the surgeon is not obligated to inform the patient of the possible risks of the procedure, or even the exact nature of the procedure. Abortion providers are the only medical personnel who have a “constitutional right” to withhold information, even when directly questioned by the patient.

David C. Reardon, Aborted Women: Silent No More Westchester, Ill.: Crossway Books, 1987, 234

Abortion Is Not Safer Than Childbirth

A year 2000 government-funded study in Finland revealed that women who abort are 4 times more likely to die in the year following the abortion than women who carry their pregnancies to term; 60% are more likely to die from natural causes, 7 times more likely to die from suicide, 4 times more likely to die from injuries related to accidents and 14 times more likely to die from homicide.

“Abortion Nearly Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth,” 16 June 2000

Abortion Providers Often Target African-American Women

35% of abortions in the U.S. are performed on African American women, while they represent only 12% of the female population of the country.

US Center for Disease Control and the US Census Bureau

 Married black women have an abortion rate that is more than 4.5 times higher than that of married Caucasian women.

National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 48, Number 11

Abortion Rates Coincide With Abortion Access

According to Michigan vital statistics, in 1987 there were 49,000 abortions done. When public funding was cut off, there was a significant drop and continues to drop. In 1999, the figure was 26,200, a decline of about 53%.In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a Planned Parenthood facility began performing abortions and that county saw an increase of abortions by 1,000% even though the number of abortion chambers statewide declined from 117 to 112 in 2000. 72% of women who aborted said they would definitely not have sought an abortion if doing so were illegal. David C. Reardon, Aborted Women, Westchester, Ill.: Crossway Books, 1987, 333.

Suicide Rates Higher Among Aborted Women

“Hard Cases” Are Rare

According to an abortion advocate group, “Today it is possible for almost any patient to be brought through pregnancy alive, unless she suffers from a fatal illness such as cancer or leukemia, and, if so, abortion would be unlikely to prolong, much less save, life.” Alan F. Guttmacher, “Abortion—Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” in The Case for Legalized Abortion Now (Berkeley, Calif.: Diablo Press, 1967). Less than 1% of all abortions are performed to save the mother’s life. Landrum Shettles and David Rorvik, Rites of Life (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Zondervan Publishing House, 1983), 129. Only 1% of all abortions are due to rape or incest. “Abortion: Facts at a Glance,” Planned Parenthood Federation of America, n.d., 1.

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Women bring into the abortion industry about $64,000 per hour—every hour, 365 days a year. (That’s $560,640,000 per year.) Access, Life Dynamics, Inc. p. 4.According to former abortion clinic owner, Eric Harrah, “the average doctor who does abortions one day a week at a clinic averages 25-40 abortions [per day]. He will walk away in his pocket with an average of $100,000 to $125,000 a year.” (That’s $1,923-$2,403 per one-day work week.)

If you’re a participating member of an insurance company, they will give you incentives to perform an abortion. First trimester abortions are $250...I’ve seen them pay over $2,000 for those abortions, because they would rather pay $2,000-$2,500 for a first trimester case than pay $7,000-$8,000 for prenatal, labor and delivery.” When asked if he, as clinic owner, pockets the money, Mr. Harrah answered, “Oh, definitely.” He later stated, “So you stop looking at women after a certain point in time as being people that you’re helping and you just start looking at them as dollar bills.” Interview with Dr. Jack Willke and Brad Mattes, reported in Life Issues Connector, “Abortion Clinic Chain Operator Now Pro-Life and Speaking Out,” July 1998. Wichita late-term abortionist George Tiller boasts he averages 2,000 abortions a year.1 Many of these abortions cost at least $2,000. Estimating this out, Dr. Tiller’s annual income is around $4 million. 1. Ann Tilson, “Expose on Abortion in Wichita,” Kansans for Life, May 1991, 10.

Women who have had abortions are 9 times more likely to attempt suicide than women in the general population.  Reardon, Aborted Women: Silent No MoreWestchester, Ill.: Crossway Books, 1987, 129 Women’s World reports a study of aborted women in which 45% said they had thoughts of suicide following their abortions. Martina Mahler, “Abortion: The Pain No One Talks About,” Women’s World, 24 September 1991, 6.

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